Wireless solution... reliable and safe technology
The emitted signal is very low and punctual (less than 0,6 second). On the diagram below you can easily understand the harmlessness of edisio products.

sansfil-868 edisio uses a 868.3 MHz radio frequency. This frequency cannot be disrupted by WiFi, mobile phones waves, ...
sansfil-maillage All edisio receivers are signal repeaters. A transmitter can consequently control a receive through the duplicate issued by the receivers.
sansfil-100m The range between a transmitter and a receiver is 100m in open space.
sansfil-bidirectionel Some edisio products are bidirectional and give you a feedback.
sansfil-infini All transmitters can control an unlimited number of receivers by means of a channel.
sansfil-max32 A receiver can be controlled by 32 channels.
sansfil-maison No interferences possible between two buildings. No decoding possibility.
sansfil-memory In case of prolonged power failure, all parameters are saved.