Description EDR B4

Radio receiver Din Rail 4x10A outputs and 4 inputs suitable for DIN guide applications. It allows On/Off control, Impulsion and Open/Stop/Close. The advantage of the EDR-B4 is: example the output 1 can be in On/Off mode, output 2 can be in Pulse mode independently of their timers, and the outputs 3 and 4 in Open/Stop/Close mode (Shutters, Blinds). Numerous applications: shutters, portals, gates, electric strikes, lighting, motors 230V.


Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum load: 4x10A
4x inputs (mechanical switch or push button)
4x Potential-free contact relay
Frequency: 868.3MHz
Outdoor range: 100m
Replica of the signal (repeater)
Operating temperature range: -5°C to +45°C
Protection degree: IP20
Dimensions: 106x87x60mm


– On/Off
– Open/Stop/Close
– Timer: 8sec to 24h
– Electric strike: 0.25sec – 0.5sec – 4sec
– Control all types of control system operating
on a pulse contact input
– Potential-free contact relay
– Latching dry contact channels

Dip switch functions

– Lighting
– Led
– Socket
– Shutter
– Blind
– Portal
– Electric strike
– Garage door
– Motor

Application & Compatibility

On/Off Controller

Remote Control

Wireless Switches