EMSD 300 radio micromodule edisio smart home full

Description EMSD 300

The silent On/Off, Dimmer radio micromodule EMSD 300 can be placed in the flush-mount box or suspended ceilings and also connected to an existing switch. It allows On/Off control of all types of lighting and makes it possible to change the brightness of your dimmable lighting. Keeps track of the last light level set, gradual delayed switching On/Off function.


Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum load: R: 300W LC: 150W
4 pre-wired cables
Powered output
Frequency: 868.3MHz
Outdoor range: 100m
Replica of the signal (repeater)
Operating temperature range: -5°C to +45°C
Protection degree: IP20
Installation on existing switch
Silencer micromodule
Dimensions: 48x46x26mm


– On/Off – Dimmer
– Timer 15min – 60min
– Gradual switching on/off
– Keeps track of the last light level set
– Powered output

Dip switch functions

– Lighting

Application & Compatibility

On/Off Controller

Dimmer Control

Remote Control

Wireless Switches