Edisio, Smart Home Specialist.

Edisio is a wireless equipment manufacturer, which is specialised in home automation. Our wireless equipment allows you to control all types of lighting, shutters, blinds, gates, security system, cameras, ventilation and heating. It is ideal for your home and office, while remaining affordable and easy to use.


Edisio is a Belgian company that was created by the combination of several leading companies in electronic design. It launched its brand, “edisio”, on the market, which name relates to the inventor of the light bulb: Edison.


Edisio has developed a new revolutionary approach to smart home automation. Indeed, thanks to our products that we design and manufacture ourselves, automating your home becomes the simplest way to avoid a complicated installation or expensive building work. edisio is a company which is specialized in home automation. It produces its own brand Edisio, and works for some countries in OEM.


It constantly evolves thanks to a team of engineers and aims to become the undisputed leader in wireless automation and to export to several continents.
edisio’s guarantee of quality : all our products are tested manually before being launched. Smart home, automation, comfort, modernism, design, simplicity are and will always be the company’s watchwords.

Truly simply control your house, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits for clients.

• Sparing: our installation costs are much lower than those of classic home automation. You will spare more energy and your lighting will have a longer life-span, given that our receivers control the charges in the zero crossing.

• Confort: makes your life easier, avoids repetition of useless commands.

• Versatile: our system is constantly evolving and it is possible to add new functions to your installation at any time.

• Effortless installation and use: our products are very easy to put in and even simpler to use. Enjoy their accessibility.

• Design: our wireless transmitters were designed to suit any kind of environment. Our wireless switches have a large range of colours and materials. Thanks to edisio’s ingenuity you will be able to change your switches as your fancy take you. Choose colours, materials and number of channels to match your mood !

• A full system: Gather and centralize all kinds of lighting, shutters, blinds, gates, ventilation, heating…

• Absolute control: Use our easy link Gateway to administer your home remotely. Create personalised scenarios adapted to every situation. Use your iphone, ipad, smartphone, computer or android as a remote control.

• A plus: Edisio enhances your home and increases its value in real estate.

Benefits for professionals.

• Savings and profitability: using our products will reduce your wiring from 50 to 70 percent. No need to make holes in walls or draw cables anymore.
You will hence spare time on your construction sites and be more productive.

• Wireless solution: a versatile wireless solution which is suitable for both housing and industrial buildings.

• Easy configuration: incredibly easy to configure without any help, our products don’t require any computer or tools to be set.

• Backing over time: edisio values your clients and we know how difficult it can be to suit all their needs and to soothe their doubts. This is why we support you before, during and after the installation.

• Quality: made in Belgium, our top quality products have to go through random tests before leaving our factories, in order to ensure they are highly performant for your clients.

Wireless solution… reliable and safe technology.

edisio wireless solution

Edisio uses a 868.3 MHz radio frequency. This frequency cannot be disrupted by WiFi, mobile phones waves,...

The range between a transmitter and a receiver is 100m in open space.

All edisio receivers are signal repeaters. A transmitter can consequently control a receive through the duplicate issued by the receivers.

Some edisio products are bidirectional and give you a feedback.

All transmitters can control an unlimited number of receivers by means of a channel.

A receiver can be controlled by 32 channels.

No interferences possible between two buildings. No decoding possibility.

In case of prolonged power failure, all parameters are saved

Housing and tertiary sector.

Our products are designed to be perfect for both housing (houses, appartments, flat, …) and the third sector (hotels, offices, schools, …). Indeed, our large range of products allows you to automate totally any type of facility.


Our wireless solutions are completely modular and versatile. A real pleasure for the users or companies. Energy savings and simplicity of use.

Conception and production OEM.

Not only does Edisio conceive its own products for its brand, but it also creates some produces some for other companies (OEM). As a manufacturer and an exporter, edisio develops a personalised range of products for wholesale clients in several countries. We produce moulds designs, on demanddesigns, pcb, automation softwares,… for the wholesaler, which are in accordance with local standards.

For further information concerning OEM production, please contact our product manager.

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